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Best AI Contract Review Software

Ever felt overwhelmed by the sheer volume of contracts you need to review? You’re not alone. Contract review can be tedious, time-consuming, and prone to human error. That’s where AI contract review software comes in handy.

This innovative technology is changing the game for legal professionals and businesses alike. Tools like Kira, DocuSign Contract Analytics, BlackBoiler, Ironclad, and DoNotPay are leveraging artificial intelligence capabilities to automate and streamline the process of reviewing contracts.

Wondering how it all works? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered too! Let’s dive deeper into what AI contract review software is and how it operates to make your life easier while ensuring accuracy and efficiency in your contractual endeavors.

Stay tuned as we explore this evolving tech trend that’s revolutionizing the way we deal with contracts.


If you’re on the hunt for a contract analysis tool that can tackle languages beyond English, then you’ve got to take a look at Kira. This AI-powered software is not just another contender in the field; it’s a game-changer with its unique multilingual support.

It’s designed to read and identify any Latin-based language used in legal documents, making it an ideal solution for global contracts review. Imagine being able to analyze and summarize key clauses of contracts drafted in Spanish, French, Italian, or any other Latin-based language without breaking a sweat! That’s what Kira offers.

It doesn’t stop there though; the software goes above and beyond by assessing potential risk factors within your contracts. Now think about customization. With Kira, you can tailor your contract reviews according to your specific needs. Whether you want to focus on certain areas over others or adjust how the data is analyzed, Kira allows for custom settings that fit your requirements.

One more aspect that sets Kira apart is its ability to present all your data in one glance. This means you get a quick overview of organization-wide data instantly without having to sift through multiple sources or complex spreadsheets. To fully appreciate all these features and understand the pricing structure of this potent tool, setting up a demo with Kira is necessary.

So don’t limit yourself by sticking with software that only understands English when reviewing contracts. Expand your horizons with Kira – it might just be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

DocuSign Contract Analytics

Harnessing the power of Seal Software’s advanced analytics, DocuSign’s Agreement Cloud is transforming the way we examine and understand legal documents. By leveraging AI technology, it provides a comprehensive solution for automating and connecting all steps involved in an agreement process.

This innovative approach to document analysis not only streamlines operations but also delivers insights that were previously inaccessible. DocuSign Insight, as part of the Agreement Cloud suite, uses a cocktail of AI technologies such as natural language processing, machine learning, and rules-based logic. These sophisticated tools help you find, filter, and analyze agreements across your enterprise with precision and speed.

Its ability to sift through extensive data sets to extract valuable information can be a game-changer for businesses looking to drive efficiency. The beauty of this system lies in its versatility. Whether you’re a small start-up or a multinational corporation, the cloud-based platform can modernize your agreement process regardless of size or industry.

With DocuSign at your fingertips, you can prepare, sign, enact, and manage agreements from almost anywhere in the world on practically any device. As digital transformation continues to reshape business operations globally, DocuSign has positioned itself at the forefront by integrating AI-driven contract analytics into its services portfolio.

The acquisition of Seal Software is just one more step towards realizing their vision – revolutionizing agreement processes with machine learning technology and making them smarter than ever before without compromising on accessibility or user-friendliness. Embrace this technological advancement today for a more streamlined and insightful contract review experience tomorrow.


With BlackBoiler, you’re not just managing your agreements; you’re revolutionizing the way they’re handled. This AI-powered contract management software is a game-changer. It’s designed to automate up to 70% of your review time, allowing you to save significantly on costs and resources.

Moreover, it redlines contracts right in “Track Changes,” mimicking a human’s review process for utmost efficiency.

This isn’t just about cutting down on man-hours though. By leveraging advanced AI technology, BlackBoiler ensures that every contract you handle is thoroughly reviewed with unparalleled speed and accuracy. Think about those hundreds of contracts your legal team has had to sift through annually – now imagine most of that work done instantaneously with the same degree of thoroughness.

But what does this mean for your business? Quite simply, it means faster deal closure times and reduced risk exposure from overlooked contractual clauses or stipulations. The ability to quickly identify key terms and conditions allows you to respond more effectively in negotiations while maintaining legal oversight.

BlackBoiler’s flexible workflow integrates seamlessly into your business processes too, enabling teams to complete contract reviews more efficiently with fewer resources. Plus, thanks to its patented technology, there’s always room for legal experts’ input when necessary.

So if you’re serious about bolstering productivity while minimizing risks associated with contract management – make the smart choice today by utilizing BlackBoiler’s cutting-edge contract review software. Remember – it’s not just about working harder; it’s also about working smarter by embracing advancements like AI in everyday operations.


You’ll find that Ironclad’s cutting-edge toolkit streamlines your business by managing all your legal documents digitally, spotting potential risks, and providing crucial insights into sales outcomes. Touted as the ‘Global Leader in Digital Contract Management’, this software uses advanced AI technology to handle every stage of a contract lifecycle.

Ironclad has been trained across thousands of legal documents, making it ready to tackle any contractual challenges you might face. It’s like having an expert lawyer on standby 24/7, only this one never sleeps and doesn’t require a hefty retainer. With its AI Assist tool, it intelligently flags potential risks or improper language based on the parameters you set. This proactive approach gives you complete control over your contracts while minimizing vulnerabilities.

Beyond risk detection, Ironclad digitally transforms paper-based contracts into searchable text versions – making document retrieval as easy as typing in keywords. Imagine the time saved from sifting through stacks of paperwork! Plus, it keeps track of all contracts in one place, giving you instant access to review times and sales outcomes data.

The platform offers even more tools for creating, editing, sharing, and maintaining contracts for your business. From drafting agreements to capturing digital signatures and monitoring compliance – Ironclad does it all seamlessly.

Pricing is customized based on each firm’s needs; therefore, applying for a custom quote is necessary to get started with Ironclad’s services.

For businesses seeking to automate English contract processes efficiently without compromising accuracy or security, Ironclad provides an excellent solution worth considering. Its high-tech features combined with a user-friendly interface make navigating the complex world of contract management significantly easier.


Ever been in a sticky legal situation and wished you’d had a way out? That’s where DoNotPay comes into play! It’s often referred to as ‘The World’s First Robot Lawyer,’ and it’s an AI-based platform designed to assist ordinary people like you in understanding contracts and empowering users with legal knowledge.

Unlike traditional contract review software, DoNotPay not only helps you understand your contracts but also assists you in getting out of them. Need to cancel a subscription or break your lease? No worries! This AI bot can guide you through the process.

Here are four compelling reasons why you might consider using DoNotPay:

  1. Wide Range of Issues: Choose from an extensive list of problems, including those related to marriage annulments, appealing banned accounts, and disputing traffic tickets.
  2. Contract Termination Assistance: Get help canceling subscriptions or breaking tricky leases.
  3. Privacy Protection: Create burner phone numbers to keep your primary number private.
  4. Claim Tracking: Monitor the status of your claims and gain insight into potential refunds.

However, remember that although sophisticated, DoNotPay is an AI bot and cannot provide bona fide legal advice like a certified professional lawyer would. The service costs $36 every two months—a small price for comprehensive legal empowerment at your fingertips.

So if dodging difficult contracts or escaping complex situations is what you’re aiming for, take a look at DoNotPay. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, this tool simplifies intricate legal matters while keeping things clear and accessible for its users—just another remarkable example of how AI continues to reshape our lives for the better.

What is AI Contract Review Software?

While DoNotPay can significantly simplify your legal battles, let’s now shift our focus to AI contract review software. This ingenious technology has a more specific use case – it reads, reviews, and analyzes contracts with remarkable precision.

AI contract review software is a smart tool that helps you breeze through the often tedious process of reviewing or authoring contracts. It highlights potential risks and errors for you to consider, succinctly summarizes key points that impact your business, and even aids in negotiation procedures.

It’s like having an exceptionally skilled assistant who learns from your preferences and data for customized results. Plus, this artificial intelligence-driven software can digitize legacy contracts into text-based searchable ones – making it easier for you to find what you’re looking for or need.

Here are some of its main benefits:

EfficiencySaves time when reviewing or drafting new agreements
Risk MitigationHighlights potential issues or pitfalls
CustomizationTrains on your preferences for tailored analysis
Data AggregationMakes all contract data accessible in one place

With AI advancements shaping the future of work, leveraging such technology is becoming increasingly crucial. You’re not just streamlining processes but also ensuring accuracy while minimizing human error – ultimately enhancing productivity.

The ability to aggregate all contract data offers another significant advantage: insights about the health and status of your contracts at a glance. Informed decisions are always better than shooting in the dark – with AI contract review software; you’ll gain valuable insights that will drive smarter strategies. Remember, staying ahead in business means staying informed – especially when information is power!

How does it Work?

Intrigued by how this intelligent tool functions? Let’s delve into the mechanics behind it.

At its core, AI contract review software employs machine learning and natural language processing techniques to understand, interpret, and analyze the language used in contracts.

Firstly, the software ingests a vast amount of contract data across various formats and industries. This process is akin to reading thousands of different contracts so it can learn the nuances of legal language, common clauses, and contractual structures. The more varied the contracts it processes, the more comprehensive its understanding becomes.

Next comes pattern recognition. The AI identifies patterns in the data which help it recognize key elements such as parties involved, obligations, liabilities or termination clauses even when they’re expressed differently across contracts. A powerful feature indeed!

But what about drafting or reviewing a contract? Here’s where things get interesting. When you feed your draft into this smart system, it analyzes every clause against learned knowledge from previous contracts. If something seems offbeat – an ambiguous phrase or a missing obligation– it alerts you immediately while suggesting improvements based on best practices learned from other contracts.

Furthermore, these systems are built to adapt with usage – that’s continuous learning for you! As new types of agreements are added and new legal precedents emerge over time; your AI assistant gets smarter and more efficient at detecting potential risks or errors.

So there you have it! A digital ally that sifts through complex legalese to provide clear insights into your agreements – all thanks to machine learning algorithms under its hood.


So, you’ve explored AI contract review software like Kira, DocuSign Contract Analytics, Blackboiler, Ironclad, and DoNotPay.

It’s clear these tools use advanced tech to streamline your contractual processes. They analyze text rapidly and accurately, saving you time and reducing risk.

Undoubtedly, incorporating AI in your contract reviews is a smart move towards efficiency and accuracy.

Isn’t it great how AI simplifies complex tasks?

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