Cutout Pro Review

Cutout Pro Review

Ever wondered how to effortlessly remove a picture’s background? Allow us to introduce you to Cutout Pro, an AI-driven tool that makes this task simple.

In this review, we’ll delve into its key features, strengths, and weaknesses, and discuss its uses in different scenarios. Whether you’re a professional photographer seeking to enhance your images or an entrepreneur aiming to make your product photos stand out, this review will help you decide if Cutout Pro can meet your needs.

So, sit back, and let’s explore what Cutout Pro has to offer.

What Is Cutout Pro?

Cutout Pro is an AI-powered photo editing platform that you can use to simplify and streamline your image and video design tasks. With a range of features designed to enhance your creative process, you have the power to transform your visuals in ways that can significantly boost your workflow efficiency.

One of the major attractions of this platform is its ease of use. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a casual user, you’ll find Cutout Pro’s interface user-friendly and its tools intuitive. The platform’s face cutout tool and cartoonizer feature, in particular, have garnered positive feedback from users for their ability to add a unique touch to images and videos.

Another significant advantage of Cutout Pro is its time-saving capabilities. With the help of AI, the platform automates complex editing tasks, such as background removal, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your work. This feature is particularly valuable for e-commerce businesses, photographers, videographers, and other users who regularly deal with large volumes of images and videos.

Furthermore, Cutout Pro also offers APIs that developers can use to integrate the platform’s AI capabilities into their applications. This feature opens up opportunities for developers to enhance their applications with advanced image and video editing features.

4 Categories of Cutout Pro

Now, let’s move onto the different categories of Cutout Pro.

You’ll find four main categories:

  1. AI Removal Tools: This category offers features designed to remove unwanted objects or people from your photos using artificial intelligence technology. It can automatically detect and remove objects with precision and accuracy.
  2. AI Restore Tools: In this category, you’ll find tools that can restore old or damaged photos. The AI technology can repair scratches, remove dust, and enhance the overall quality of your images.
  3. AI Generation: This category is all about generating unique and creative effects using artificial intelligence. You can transform your photos into paintings, cartoons, or even create stunning visual effects with just a few clicks.
  4. AI Editing: The AI editing category is focused on enhancing and improving your photos using intelligent algorithms. You’ll find features like automatic color correction, noise reduction, and clarity enhancement, which can help you achieve professional-looking results effortlessly.

Each category offers a unique set of features designed to make your photo editing tasks easier and more efficient.

AI Removal Tools

In your exploration of Cutout Pro, you’ll encounter several AI removal tools, each with its distinct capabilities.

From background removal to object eradication and face cutout, these functions harness the power of AI to simplify and streamline your editing process.

Let’s take a closer look at these categories, their benefits, and how they can enhance your overall experience with the platform.

Background Removal

When you’re looking to remove the background from an image, Cutout Pro’s AI Removal Tools make the process effortless.

The tool automatically detects and eliminates elements such as people, vegetation, and objects.

It swiftly handles complex areas like hair and semi-transparent objects.

You can even batch process up to 1000 images at once, making it a time-saver for large projects.

Object Removal

Continuing from the ease of background removal, Cutout Pro’s AI Removal Tools offer you a feature for object removal as well.

This tool effortlessly erases unwanted elements like watermarks, date stamps, and scratches. It’s also useful for restoring old photos with imperfections.

While not flawless, it significantly reduces the effort needed for image retouching by automatically eliminating distracting objects.

Face Cutout

Moving on to the Face Cutout feature, you’ll find it’s a game-changer for extracting facial features from images with impressive precision.

  • Extracts faces while preserving fine details like hair strands
  • Useful in creative projects for mixing and matching faces
  • Works well with complex hair textures
  • Can cut out faces from portraits, pet pictures, and even cartoons
  • Fills in the background neatly post extraction

AI Restore Tools

Shifting focus to the ‘AI Restore Tools’ category of Cutout Pro, you’ll find tools such as the Photo Enhancer, Photo Colorizer, and Photo Animer.

These tools are designed to enrich your images, whether by sharpening details, adding color, or bringing static images to life.

Let’s discuss how each of these tools can elevate your photo editing process.

Photo Enhancer

Now, let’s dive into the Photo Enhancer feature, a category of Cutout Pro’s AI Restore Tools, that you’ll find particularly useful for refining your images.

  • It offers upscaling, color correction, and contrast adjustment.
  • A noise reduction feature improves image quality.
  • Try it on a sample image for a smooth refinement.
  • Fidelity mode ensures minimal changes.
  • Quality mode maximizes visual appeal with techniques like sharpening and brightening.

Photo Colorizer

In your toolkit of Cutout Pro’s AI Restore Tools, you’ll find an impressive feature called the Photo Colorizer. This tool breathes life into black-and-white photos by introducing realistic colors.

The results, as seen in our test using a vintage portrait from Pexels, are impressively natural, particularly in skin tones and shading.

It’s an easy, effective method to rejuvenate old photos, accessible under Product > Photo Colorizer.

Photo Animer

Building on the AI Restore Tools, Cutout Pro’s Photo Animer is another innovative feature you’ll find incredibly helpful. This tool adds movement to your static images, creating captivating animations.

  • Predefined motion effects
  • User-friendly operation
  • Enhanced level of visual interest
  • Monalisa example: head turn and smile
  • Access via Product > Photo Animer.

Photo Animer breathes life into your pictures, transforming them into engaging, animated visuals.

AI Generation

Now let’s turn your attention to the AI Generation features of Cutout Pro.

This category includes Background Diffusion, Cartoon Selfie, and the AI Art Generator.

Each of these tools harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to transform your photos in unique and creative ways.

Background Diffusion

While you might be ecstatic about Cutout Pro’s background removal capabilities, you’ll find that its Background Diffusion feature under AI Generation category mightn’t deliver as expected.

  • The feature struggles with blending the foreground and new background.
  • Generated backgrounds often lack accuracy.
  • Foreground and background often mismatch.
  • The AI mightn’t interpret your description accurately.
  • The results could vary greatly from your expectations.

Cartoon Selfie

In the realm of AI Generation tools on Cutout Pro, you’ll find the Cartoon Selfie feature, which promises to transform your regular photos into fun, cartoon-stylized images.

However, it performs inconsistently across different photos.

While it offers a unique approach to cartoon avatars, there are other tools like MyEdit, Avatoon, and PhotoCartoon that provide more personalized options and arguably superior results.

AI Art Generator

Moving on from the Cartoon Selfie feature, you’ll find the AI Art Generator, another interesting tool within Cutout Pro’s AI Generation category.

It’s a versatile feature that:

  • Transforms text prompts into unique images
  • Offers diverse styles, from oil paintings to anime
  • Allows reference image uploads for personalized artwork
  • Generated a ‘puppy hugging a flower’ image impressively
  • Effortlessly turns photos into stylized artworks.

AI Editing

Let’s turn our attention to the AI Editing capabilities of Cutout Pro, which include a diverse range of tools.

You’ll find features such as:

  • Passport Photo Maker
  • E-Commerce Auto Design
  • Blur Background
  • Meme Generator

Each of these tools offers unique functionalities aimed at simplifying and enhancing your photo editing tasks.

Passport Photo Maker

If you’re looking to whip up a passport photo, Cutout Pro’s AI Editing offers a tool called Passport Photo Maker. This tool has potential, but our test results weren’t promising.

  • Upload any portrait photo
  • Choose a document preset
  • Get a correctly formatted photo
  • The background is altered to fit document type
  • The current output may not meet official passport photo standards.

E-Commerce Auto Design

After exploring the Passport Photo Maker, you’ll find the E-Commerce Auto Design tool in Cutout Pro’s AI Editing category to be a game-changer for online sellers.

It effortlessly batch-edits product images, providing a clean, consistent look for online stores.

If you’re juggling numerous product images, this tool can be your lifesaver, streamlining your work while boosting your store’s visual appeal.

Blur Background

In your quest for professional-grade photo editing, you’ll find Cutout Pro’s Blur Background tool incredibly useful as it automatically softens the backdrop, keeping the spotlight on your main subject.

  • Simplifies the process of emphasizing subjects
  • Eliminates need for meticulous manual editing
  • Enhances image quality and focus
  • Creates professional-grade effects
  • Utilizes AI for precision and efficiency

Meme Generator

Another handy tool you’ll find in Cutout Pro is the Meme Generator, which takes your creativity to a whole new level. This feature offers templates and effects for easy meme creation from photos.

You can customize images with text captions and other embellishments. While it’s basic, it provides a straightforward option for creating memes for marketing and social media usage.

Main Benefits of Cutout.Pro

As you explore Cutout.Pro, you’ll discover key benefits like the ability to remove backgrounds with a single click.

Versatility in the application of removal tools across various image categories is also a major advantage.

The platform also offers efficient bulk processing capabilities, allowing you to save time and effort when working with multiple images.

Additionally, Cutout.Pro provides a dedicated plugin for Shopify, making it easier to integrate the platform into your e-commerce workflow.

Furthermore, the software supports numerous popular image formats, enhancing its usability across a range of tasks.

These features combine to deliver a streamlined, efficient, and accessible user experience that caters to both novices and professionals alike.

Remove Backgrounds in One Click

With Cutout.Pro, you’ll experience one-click background removal, a standout feature that makes your photo editing tasks seamless and hassle-free. This software’s AI technology quickly detects the object in your photo, removes the background, and leaves you with a clean, transparent background.

Here are some key benefits of this feature:

  • Upload and let the AI do the work: No manual selection or intricate editing required.
  • Before and after comparison: Easily evaluate how accurately the background was removed.
  • Customizable backgrounds: Add a solid color or choose from suggested options.
  • Time-saving: It’s a quicker alternative to complex Photoshop processes.
  • User-friendly: Its straightforward operation makes it accessible for beginners and professionals alike.

This feature enhances your efficiency and the quality of your work, proving Cutout.Pro to be a practical tool for photo editing.

Universal Application of Removal Tools

In your quest for the perfect photo editing tool, you’ll find that Cutout.Pro’s removal tools offer universal application, beneficial for all your editing needs. Regardless of whether you’re editing images of clothes, people, plants, or cars, Cutout.Pro allows you to precisely remove the background. This can be particularly useful for various projects, including photography marketing.

Moreover, Cutout.Pro goes beyond just photo correction. It enables you to extract symbols and icons for use in your graphic design endeavors. Its universal application is highlighted by its popularity among real estate and car photographers, who utilize its tools to create compelling images. Even average users find value in Cutout.Pro, using it to eliminate busy backgrounds in their personal photos.

Remove Background in Several Photos in One Go

You’ll love Cutout.Pro’s batch processing feature, which allows you to remove backgrounds from several photos all at once, saving you significant time and effort. This is one of the few free tools that can process multiple images simultaneously without compromising quality.

Here are the main benefits of using Cutout.Pro’s batch processing:

  • Free and efficient: Cutout.Pro’s batch processing is a free feature that saves you time without any extra costs.
  • Quality preservation: Despite handling multiple photos at once, the quality of each image is preserved.
  • AI precision: The tool uses AI technology to accurately separate the subject from the background in each photo.
  • Customizable results: If the AI struggles with thin objects like fur, manual adjustments can be made.
  • Time-saving: With this feature, you can edit large sets of images in one go, freeing up your schedule.

Separate Plugin for Shopify

As an entrepreneur, the integration of Cutout.Pro’s separate plugin for Shopify can bring about substantial benefits for your online store. This tool not only elevates the quality of your product photos but can also significantly boost your sales.

You can easily alter background settings under the ‘console’ tab and save them for future use. If you’re in the mood to experiment, you can edit the backgrounds by clicking the ‘edit’ button next to each image.

For heightened efficiency, Cutout.Pro allows you to process up to 10 images simultaneously. This feature, found under the ‘console’ tab, makes the background removal procedure enjoyable and swift.

Integrating Cutout.Pro’s plugin for Shopify into your online store’s operations can indeed be a game-changer.

Popular Image Format Support

While enjoying the benefits of Cutout.Pro’s Shopify integration, you’ll also appreciate that this tool supports popular image formats for your convenience. This feature allows you to upload and edit images in JPG, PNG, and WEBP formats, as long as they’re no larger than 16MB. The software performs best when the foreground object is distinctly separated from the background.

  • Supports JPG, PNG, and WEBP formats
  • Handles images up to 16MB in size
  • Requires clear separation between foreground and background
  • Automatically resizes larger images
  • Offers clipping path service for quality preservation

However, if the uploaded image exceeds the size limit, Cutout.Pro automatically resizes it to the supported resolution, which may lead to some quality degradation.

Pros and Cons

Now that you’re familiar with the main benefits of Cutout.Pro, it’s important to balance the scales by examining its pros and cons.

Just like any other tool, Cutout.Pro too has its strengths and shortcomings. Let’s break down both sides of the coin to help you make an informed decision.

Pros of Cutout.Pro

Let’s explore some of the pros of using Cutout.Pro.

You’ll find this tool easy and efficient, offering a wide range of editing capabilities, from batch processing to social media integration.

Plus, it’s available in both free and paid versions, catering to a variety of user needs.

Easy and efficient

Your experience with Cutout.Pro’s interface will be one of simplicity and efficiency, making the image-editing process a breeze even for beginners.

  • It provides an intuitive user interface that’s easy to navigate.
  • The platform implements AI technology, ensuring efficient editing.
  • Its batch processing feature allows for quick editing of multiple images.
  • The tool offers high-quality cutout results.
  • The platform is equipped with multiple background removal options.

Bulk/batch processing capabilities

You’ll find the bulk processing capabilities of Cutout.Pro incredibly efficient, allowing you to edit multiple images simultaneously with ease. This feature is a major time-saver, particularly if you’re working with large image sets.

The AI technology ensures precision in background removal without compromising the quality of your images. However, be aware that processing multiple complex files may slow down the tool’s performance.

Wide range of tools

In addition to its efficient batch processing, Cutout.Pro offers a wide variety of tools that make it a versatile choice for your editing needs.

  • Its user-friendly interface makes navigation easy.
  • Multiple background removal options cater to different preferences.
  • High-quality cutout results ensure professional outputs.
  • AI algorithms allow for efficient editing.
  • The platform’s versatility is evident in its wide application, from personal to commercial use.

Free and paid versions

Often, you might find that the free version of Cutout.Pro already provides a satisfactory range of tools for your editing needs. It offers basic functionalities like background removal and photo enhancement. The AI algorithms provide efficient editing and high-quality cutout results.

However, for more advanced features and tools, you’ll need to upgrade to the paid version, which also offers a broader application range.

Social media integration

With the paid version of Cutout.Pro, you can easily share your edited creations directly on popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

  • Enhances visibility of your work
  • Streamlines content sharing process
  • Connects to multiple platforms simultaneously
  • Expands audience reach
  • Saves time on manual uploads

This feature optimizes your social media presence, making Cutout.Pro a beneficial tool for digital content creators.

User-friendly interface

Regularly using Cutout.Pro, you’ll appreciate its user-friendly interface that makes navigating through its features a breeze. Its layout is intuitive, allowing for easy access to its wide range of features.

Registration unlocks additional benefits such as bulk image processing. Despite the simplicity, the platform doesn’t compromise on its advanced capabilities, making it a strong choice for both novices and more seasoned users.


You’ll love the cross-platform compatibility of Cutout.Pro, which works seamlessly on all major web browsers and devices, enhancing its user-friendly appeal.

  • Cross-platform: Cutout.Pro isn’t restricted to one platform.
  • Web Browsers: It works with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and more.
  • Devices: Compatible with desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • User-friendly: Its compatibility increases its accessibility and usability.
  • No extra software: No need to download additional software, it’s all web-based.

Cons of Cutout.Pro

Despite its many advantages, Cutout.Pro does have some drawbacks you’ll need to consider.

One limitation is the lack of a watermark or text addition feature. This restriction curtails the scope of customization you can achieve with your images. Moreover, the free version offers limited customization options.

Another concern is the time commitment required to perfect images, which can exceed your expectations. User reports on Trustpilot have raised issues regarding privacy, citing instances of email addresses being allegedly hacked or sold after signing up. There are also complaints about misleading practices and dissatisfaction with the quality of photo cutouts.

Some users encountered difficulties in obtaining refunds, leading to repeated requests for account cancellation.


In terms of pricing, you’ll find that Cutout Pro offers a variety of plans to fit your specific needs and budget. You can start with a free trial that lets you test most of the features at no cost. This includes free small-resolution background removal results up to 0.25 megapixels, providing a cost-effective way for you to determine if the service suits your needs.

If you need high-definition results, you can use Cutout Pro credits. As a new user, you’re granted 5 free credits upon successful registration. You can also earn additional free credits by sharing Cutout Pro on social media.

For more regular use, Cutout Pro offers various subscription plans. These range from a monthly subscription with a specified number of high-resolution image downloads per month, to a pay-as-you-go credit system for greater flexibility and control over your expenditure.

  • Free plan: You get one credit, equivalent to one edit.
  • Subscription plan: This includes 40 credits and costs $5.00/month.
  • Pay-as-you-go: This offers you the flexibility to buy credits as and when you need them.

The cost of background removal varies depending on the type of material — photo or video — you need to edit. This pricing structure ensures you only pay for what you need, making Cutout Pro a cost-effective solution for your image and video editing needs.

Therefore, whether you’re a casual user or a professional, Cutout Pro’s pricing offers options to suit every budget.


In conclusion, Cutout Pro could be a game-changer for your image editing needs. Its AI-powered capabilities simplify background removal, saving you precious time and effort.

While it has a few drawbacks, the benefits heavily outweigh them. Its pricing is also reasonable, making it a worthy investment.

But as always, consider your specific needs and workflow before deciding. Could Cutout Pro be your next go-to tool? You’ll know best.