Photoleap Review

Photoleap Review

You’re likely curious about Photoleap, the buzzworthy photo editing app. We’re diving deep into its features, comparing it against competitors, and exploring user reviews.

Whether you’re a seasoned photographer, a budding designer, or an image enthusiast, we’re here to help you decide if Photoleap is a match for you.

Ready to discover the ins and outs of this cutting-edge tool? Let’s get started!

What is Photoleap

In the realm of photo editing apps, Photoleap stands out as a powerful tool that you’ll find valuable, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced photographer. This app is designed to create stunning images with ease, thanks to its innovative AI features. Not only does it offer the basic editing tools, but it also provides you with advanced options that can elevate your digital artistry.

Photoleap’s non-destructive editor is one of its prominent features. You can reverse any edits you make, giving you the freedom to experiment without the fear of permanently altering your original shot. This feature is an excellent tool for exploration, allowing you to perfect your images without losing your initial work.

Another exceptional feature is the capability to edit in layers. You can layer photos, texts, and effects to create intricate visual arrangements. Combined with its AI features, you can even create new worlds with AI scenes. The app also offers a plethora of blending options, enabling you to control interactions between layers, creating overlays, transparency, and shadows.

Photoleap also gives you control over your image adjustments. You can fine-tune exposure, contrast, and saturation to bring out the best in your photos. Finally, the app is packed with tools for making collages, including brushes, typefaces, filters, effects, stickers, and backgrounds.

Photoleap wide range of features

Photoleap boasts an impressive array of features that you’ll undoubtedly find useful.

You can experiment with multiple layers and blending modes, or fine-tune your images with adjustment layers.

With a vast selection of brushes and fonts, your creativity can truly run wild.

Multiple layers

With Photoleap, you’ll find an extensive range of features, including the ability to create complex images through the use of multiple layers. This layering feature allows you to construct intricate visuals by stacking different photos, texts, and effects.

  1. Layering Photos: You can seamlessly overlay multiple photos, creating a collage or a unique composite image.
  2. Adding Text: Photoleap lets you add numerous text layers, providing you with the flexibility to label or add commentary to your image.
  3. Applying Effects: With multi-layer support, you can apply different effects to each layer, giving each part of your image a distinct look.

This tool not only expands your creative possibilities but also equips you to make intricate designs with ease.

Blending modes

While you’re exploring the layering feature, you’ll also discover that Photoleap offers a plethora of blending modes, further expanding your creative possibilities. These blending modes give you command over how layers interact, allowing you to create unique and stunning visuals.

You could use the ‘Multiply’ mode to darken colors, or the ‘Screen’ mode to lighten them. ‘Overlay’ and ‘Soft light’ modes can create dramatic contrast effects while maintaining the balance. ‘Difference’ and ‘Exclusion’ modes can create striking, psychedelic visuals. And if you’re into experimenting, modes like ‘Color Dodge’ or ‘Linear Burn’ might pique your interest.

Each mode offers a different way to blend layers, giving you endless possibilities. Be sure to experiment and find what works best for your creative vision.

Adjustment layers

You’ll find that the adjustment layers feature significantly expands your creative capabilities when using Photoleap. This tool gives you more control over your final images, allowing you to fine-tune every aspect of your photo’s appearance.

  1. Selective Adjustments: Apply changes to specific areas of your photo without affecting the entire image. This allows for precision editing, enhancing details in your shot.
  2. Layer Masks: These enable you to hide or reveal portions of the layer, offering further customization. You can create stunning contrast and depth in your images.
  3. Non-Destructive Editing: Adjustment layers ensure your original image remains intact, as edits are applied to separate layers.

Mastering these features will elevate your photo editing skills, making Photoleap an invaluable tool in your creative arsenal.


After mastering the adjustment layers, you’ll find a multitude of brushes in Photoleap that further expand your creative possibilities.

These brushes offer a fun and innovative way to customize your photos, giving them a personal touch or transforming them into your own works of art.

Whether you’re adding text, shapes, or effects, the brush feature provides a level of detail and precision that’s hard to match.

By varying the size, opacity, and flow of the brush, you’re able to control the intensity and style of your edits.

The brushes also include a variety of textures and patterns, giving you the freedom to experiment and push the boundaries of your creativity.


In Photoleap, you’ll find an extensive range of fonts to add unique and personalized text to your images. This feature isn’t just about adding words, but it’s also a way to express your creativity and add a personal touch to your images.

  1. Classic Fonts: Photoleap offers a variety of classic fonts that are perfect for a more traditional or professional look. These fonts work great for adding captions or creating professional graphics.
  2. Stylish Fonts: If you’re looking to add a bit of flair to your images, you’ll love the stylish fonts. They’re perfect for creating eye-catching social media posts or trendy graphics.
  3. Handwritten Fonts: For a more personal touch, try the handwritten fonts. They’re ideal for adding notes or messages that look like they’re hand-drawn.

Play around with the different fonts to discover what works best for your images.


With Photoleap, beyond experimenting with fonts, you can also transform your images using an extensive array of filters.

The filters feature is an invaluable tool, offering you the ability to quickly and easily change the look of your photos. Whether you’re aiming for a vintage vibe, a dramatic black and white effect, or a vibrant pop of color, Photoleap has a filter for it.

The filters range from subtle to bold, allowing you to create the perfect mood for your image. They’re also adjustable, so you can control the intensity to achieve the exact effect you’re after.

With Photoleap’s filters, you’re not just editing your photos, you’re enhancing them, bringing out the best in your images with just a few taps.


Before diving deeper into Photoleap’s features, it’s essential for you to know that it offers a plethora of effects to transform your photos into visually stunning masterpieces.

  1. Artistic Effects: These effects can turn your photos into digital art, replicating various art styles like watercolor, oil painting, or sketching.
  2. Light and Color Effects: With these, you can adjust the mood and atmosphere of your photos. You can experiment with different lighting conditions or color schemes to create unique visuals.
  3. Texture Effects: These add a new dimension to your photos, allowing you to overlay patterns and surfaces like grunge, fabric, or paper on your images.

In the hands of a creative user, Photoleap’s effects can unlock endless aesthetic possibilities.


You’ll find hundreds of stickers in Photoleap’s extensive collection, allowing you to add a personal touch and enhanced creativity to your images. The stickers range from quirky and fun, to professional and stylish. You can easily browse through categories or search for specific stickers in the search bar, saving you time.

Photoleap’s sticker feature stands out due to its versatility. You can scale, rotate, and adjust the opacity of the stickers to fit perfectly into your image. Plus, Photoleap uses advanced technology to ensure that stickers blend seamlessly into your photos, regardless of their original quality or resolution.


In Photoleap, you can transform your images by swapping out the original background with a new one from their wide range of options. This feature is powered by AI technology, which allows for precise and seamless background changes, adding an extra level of creativity to your photo editing process.

  1. Vast Background Choices: Photoleap offers an array of backgrounds, from simple patterns to intricate designs and realistic landscapes.
  2. AI-Powered Technology: The app utilizes AI technology for precise background swapping, ensuring the new backdrop blends seamlessly with your image.
  3. Easy to Use: Even with no prior editing experience, you can easily navigate and utilize this feature.

This background swapping ability enhances the app’s versatility, proving why Photoleap is a top choice for photo editing.

Collage tools

With a multitude of collage tools at your disposal, you’re sure to find the perfect features in Photoleap to craft unique and personalized photo compositions.

This app allows you to combine multiple images seamlessly to create complex and visually appealing designs. You can adjust the size, position, and orientation of each picture easily, enabling you to customize your collage to the last detail.

Additionally, you can experiment with various blend modes and opacity levels to achieve a harmonious blend of images. Photoleap’s collage tools also include a range of border styles and background colors to choose from, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your creation.

All these features are user-friendly, making the process of collage-making an enjoyable and creative experience.

Object removal

One of the many features you’ll appreciate in Photoleap is its object removal tool, which effortlessly eliminates unwanted elements from your images. This tool is a game changer in photo editing, allowing you to clean up your photos in a way that was once only possible with high-end editing software.

The tool is intuitive to use, simply select the object you wish to remove and let Photoleap do the rest. It’s smart enough to fill in the space left behind, matching the surrounding area so the edit isn’t noticeable.

This feature is especially handy for removing distracting elements that ruin a great shot.

In essence, Photoleap’s object removal feature is a powerful tool that gives your photos a professional touch.

RAW support

You’ll appreciate the wide range of features Photoleap offers, especially its support for RAW files.

This feature means you have more control over your editing process. RAW files store all data from your camera’s sensor, resulting in higher quality images. Unlike JPEGs, RAW files don’t compress or lose any data.

When you’re editing a RAW file in Photoleap, you’re able to manipulate the image more extensively. Adjustments to exposure, white balance, and colors are non-destructive, maintaining the original detail and quality. Plus, noise reduction and sharpening tools perform better on RAW files.

With Photoleap’s RAW support, your photo editing isn’t just about adding filters or effects, but truly enhancing your image’s quality to professional standards.

Photoleap’s AI tools

Let’s shift our focus to the AI tools that Photoleap offers.

You’ll find features such as AI avatars, text-to-image, and image enhancement that leverage advanced machine learning techniques.

These tools not only streamline your editing process but also enhance your creativity and precision.

AI avatars

Photoleap’s AI Avatar feature is your ticket to creating stunning, customized digital representations of yourself. This innovative tool takes personalization to a whole new level, letting you express your creativity and individuality in a unique and fun way.

Here are three key benefits of this feature:

  1. Ease of Creation: Photoleap’s intuitive interface makes avatar creation a breeze. No technical know-how is required, making it accessible to everyone.
  2. Highly Customizable: You have complete control over your avatar’s appearance, giving you the freedom to make it truly reflect your personality.
  3. Fun to Use: The process of designing your avatar is an enjoyable experience in itself. It’s an opportunity to explore your creativity and have fun doing so.


Now, imagine extending your creativity beyond avatars to creating unique images using just text with Photoleap’s Text-to-Image AI feature. This powerful tool allows you to turn any idea into a visually stunning image. The only limit is your imagination!

Whether it’s a detailed landscape scene with a mountain range and a river, a bustling cityscape with skyscrapers, or a serene portrait of a person, Photoleap’s AI can generate it. Even though this feature is in its early stages of development, it already produces impressive results.

The ingenuity of Photoleap’s AI tools lies in their capability to transform simple text into complex, visually appealing images. This innovation redefines the boundaries of creativity and adds a new dimension to photo editing.

Enhance image

After exploring the innovative Text-to-Image AI feature, you’ll also find the Enhance Image tool in Photoleap quite remarkable. This AI-powered tool can instantly enhance the quality of your images by sharpening, reducing noise, and adjusting colors.

Here are three reasons why it stands out:

  1. Ease of Use: Even if you’re not tech-savvy, you’ll find the Enhance Image tool straightforward. You simply upload your image and the AI takes care of the rest.
  2. Speed: In a matter of seconds, this tool can dramatically improve your image. This efficiency saves you time and effort.
  3. Effectiveness: The results are truly impressive. Images are noticeably sharper, cleaner, and more vibrant.

Tips & tricks

Mastering the art of photo editing with Photoleap becomes easier when you’re equipped with a few handy tricks and tips. One of the key things to remember is to save your work regularly. This way, you won’t lose any of your creative efforts due to an unexpected shutdown or app crash.

The undo/redo buttons are your best friends. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different edits as these buttons allow you to quickly revert any changes you’re not satisfied with. To get the most out of Photoleap’s array of features, don’t be afraid to test different settings. After all, the more you experiment, the more you learn about what works best for your images.

Sharing your creations with friends and family not only allows you to show off your skills but also provides valuable feedback. The brushes are great tools to add text, shapes, and effects to your photos, giving them a personalized touch. The adjustment tools, on the other hand, help you fine-tune the look of your photos, ensuring every detail is perfect.

Filters and effects play a crucial role in setting the mood or style of your photos. Don’t shy away from using them to achieve the look you want. The collage tools offer a creative way to display multiple photos in unique layouts. The object removal tool is useful for erasing unwanted objects from your photos, keeping the focus on the subject. Lastly, don’t forget the Enhance Image feature, which can drastically improve the quality of your photos.

Use Cases

With Photoleap in your digital toolbox, you’ll find countless use cases for its advanced features and creative elements, regardless of your photography style or experience. This powerful app harnesses the potential of your iPhone’s camera and transforms ordinary shots into extraordinary visual creations.

  1. Photo Enthusiasts: If you’re someone who loves capturing moments and turning them into stunning images, Photoleap is your go-to app. Use it to enhance your photos with a range of advanced editing tools, from selecting and refining edges to manipulating light and color with precision.
  2. Social Media Users: If you’re an avid social media user, Photoleap can elevate your posts to a new level of engagement. Use its expansive asset library to add eye-catching visuals to your posts or create engaging animations that stand out in a crowded feed.
  3. Content Creators and Influencers: For those who create content for a living, Photoleap is a comprehensive solution that combines the capabilities of multiple apps into one. Use it to produce high-quality images, GIFs, and videos that resonate with your audience and reflect your unique style.

Photoleap’s AI-generated content can help you create personalized visuals that tell your story in a captivating way. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to explore different styles and techniques, encouraging you to push your creative boundaries.


In conclusion, Photoleap offers a versatile platform for photo editing, brimming with features and AI tools that cater to both professional and casual users. Its variety of filters, brushes, and layer editing functions sets it apart in the market.

However, like all apps, it has its pros and cons, so it’s vital to explore it yourself. So, unleash your creativity, delve into Photoleap, and see if it satisfies your photo editing needs.

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