Wrappup Review

wrappup review

You’re about to discover Wrappup, the innovative AI note-taking app transforming meetings. Recently snagged by Voicera, Wrappup’s aiming to revolutionize your workplace gatherings.

Born from the concept of utilizing speech as an untapped information source, it’s now part of a team tackling meeting inefficiencies. You’ll uncover their shared vision, Wrappup’s smart voice note tagging, and the roles of its founders in Voicera.

This exciting acquisition marks a significant startup exit in the Middle East and Northern Africa in 2018.

What is Wrappup?

You’re looking at Wrappup, a revolutionary AI-powered tool that’s designed to automatically summarize your meetings, making traditional note-taking a thing of the past. Born out of the desire to extract important moments from meeting conversations, Wrappup aims to leverage speech as an underutilized source of information. It’s not just about taking notes, it’s about capturing the essence of your discussions and transforming them into actionable insights.

The genius behind Wrappup lies in its smart voice note tagging capabilities. Imagine being able to pinpoint key moments in your meeting with a simple tap on your device. You don’t have to scramble to jot down important points anymore. Wrappup handles it for you. It’s meeting productivity brought to a whole new level.

But Wrappup isn’t just a standalone tool. In 2018, it was acquired by Voicera, a leader in the conversational AI space. This marked the sixth startup exit in the Middle East and Northern Africa that year. The acquisition wasn’t just a business move; it was a strategic alignment of visions. Both companies were tackling meeting inefficiencies in their unique ways, and together, they saw the potential to revolutionize the way people meet in the workplace.

With Voicera’s resources and experienced team behind it, Wrappup’s objective becomes even more powerful and achievable. The founders, Rami Salman, Ayush Chordia, and Rishav, have taken on key roles within Voicera, driving the shared vision forward. This is more than an AI note-taking app; it’s the future of meeting productivity.

What does Wrappup do?

This smart voice recorder app you’re using lets you summarize meetings and make discussions searchable. Called Wrappup, it’s designed to make your meetings more efficient and productive. But what exactly does it do?

  1. Interactive Notes: Wrappup allows you to take interactive notes during your meetings. These aren’t just any notes, though. They’re dynamic, allowing you to tap on a specific point and jump directly to that part of the recording. This makes it easy to revisit key points without having to listen to the entire meeting again.
  2. Speech Search: Ever wished you could just search through a meeting like it’s a document? With Wrappup, you can. Its advanced AI technology transcribes the meeting and lets you search through it using keywords. No more shuffling through hours of audio to find that one important detail.
  3. Group Notes: Collaborating with your team has never been easier. Wrappup lets you and your team annotate the meeting recording together, creating a shared understanding and record of what was discussed.
  4. Productivity Analytics: Wrappup doesn’t just help during the meeting, it helps you improve for the future. It analyzes your meetings, giving you insights on how to make them more efficient. It’s like having a personal meeting coach.

Competitors of Wrappup

As you delve deeper into the world of Wrappup, it’s crucial to consider its competitive landscape. Understanding Wrappup’s top competitors will provide you with a more comprehensive view of the industry and its dynamics.

Competitive landscape of Wrappup

In the competitive landscape of Wrappup, it’s important to note that among its 382 active competitors, it ranks 13th, with 38 of these competitors being funded and 14 having successfully exited. In this volatile market, Wrappup’s positioning is remarkable.

Among 382 competitors, Wrappup confidently holds the 13th position. This shows its resilience and ability to thrive in a demanding market.

38 of its competitors have received funding, indicating a competitive environment. Yet, Wrappup has distinguished itself.

14 competitors have exited, a sobering reminder of the market’s demanding nature. Despite this, Wrappup continues to persevere.

No private unicorn exists within this competition set, emphasizing Wrappup’s potential to rise as a leading player.

In this challenging landscape, Wrappup’s performance is impressive—a testament to its robust business model and innovative offerings.

Who are the top competitors of Wrappup?

You’re probably curious about who stands as the biggest rivals in this competitive landscape, aren’t you?

Well, Wrappup, being a dominant player in the AI note-taking app market, faces stiff competition. London-based Condeco, established in 2005, is a significant competitor. With its Series B funding, it’s in a strong position to challenge Wrappup’s market share.

Then there’s Personify, an Urbana-based company acquired in 2010. Their acquisition indicates a robust backing and a potential to contend with Wrappup.

Lastly, let’s not overlook Xembly, a Seattle-based company founded in 2008. Having secured Series A funding, it’s well-set to vie in this competitive space.

All these companies are striving to carve their niche, thus keeping Wrappup on its toes.

Who are the CEO, Founders and Directors of Wrappup?

Rami Salman, the CEO and Founder of Wrappup, along with co-founders Ayush Chordia and Rishav Jalan, played integral roles in shaping the company’s mission and potential. Their determination and innovation led to the creation of a unique tool that addresses a common problem in today’s professional world – inefficient meetings.

Each of these individuals brought their unique set of skills and perspectives to the venture. Rami, with his strategic mindset, steered the company towards its goals. As the CEO, he was the driving force behind the company’s vision and execution.

Ayush Chordia, a tech genius and the company’s Director of Engineering & Applied Research, developed the advanced technology that powers the AI note-taking app. His expertise and creativity were instrumental in creating a product that truly stands out in the market.

Rishav Jalan, the Engineering Manager, ensured the seamless operation of the app. His technical skills and attention to detail were key in ensuring that the app delivers on its promise of providing smart, efficient solutions to meeting problems.

Here are four key points about the founders:

  1. Rami Salman’s leadership as CEO and Founder set the course for Wrappup’s success.
  2. Ayush Chordia’s expertise in technology and engineering helped create a unique, powerful tool.
  3. Rishav Jalan’s role as Engineering Manager ensured the app’s seamless operation.
  4. Together, these three played a significant role in shaping Wrappup’s mission and potential.

Their combined effort resulted in a product that isn’t just functional but revolutionary, potentially changing the way we approach meetings in the professional world.

Funding and Investors of Wrappup

Now that you’re familiar with the key figures behind Wrappup, let’s delve into the company’s financial aspects.

It’s crucial to understand the funding and investors that have contributed to Wrappup’s growth and eventual acquisition. This will provide insights into the company’s financial journey and the confidence that various investors placed in it.

How much funding has Wrappup raised till date?

Let’s not forget, Wrappup has managed to raise a total of $800K in funding to date. This funding has been pivotal in building the innovative solution you know today.

Let’s dive deeper into the numbers:

  1. Their latest funding round was a Seed round, which was held on June 26, 2016. This was where they secured all of their $800K funding.
  2. A total of 6 investors took part in this round, demonstrating the potential they saw in Wrappup’s technology.
  3. Some of the key investors were Arzan Venture Capital, BECO Capital, and 500 Global.
  4. Other investors included Dubai Silicon Oasis, Leap Ventures, and Womena, each contributing to Wrappup’s journey.

These funds have been instrumental in driving Wrappup’s mission to revolutionize workplace meetings.

Who are the investors in Wrappup?

You’re probably curious about the investors who believed in this innovative technology, including 500 Global, Arzan Venture Capital, and BECO Capital. These institutional investors saw potential in Wrappup’s solution to meeting productivity, with its AI note-taking and smart voice tagging capabilities. They recognized the value in Wrappup’s mission of leveraging speech as an underutilized source of information.

By backing this startup, they’ve supported a venture that aims to revolutionize workplace meetings. Their investment has also helped facilitate the merger with Voicera, a leader in the conversational AI space. This move not only underscores the belief in Wrappup’s potential but also highlights these investors’ commitment to fostering innovation in the tech space.

Their backing of Wrappup serves as a testament to the promising tech talent and potential in the MENA region.


In closing, Wrappup’s acquisition by Voicera marks a significant milestone for startups in the Middle East and Northern Africa.

Its innovative AI note-taking abilities are set to revolutionize meetings, making them more efficient and productive.

The founders’ new roles within Voicera promise exciting developments in the realm of conversational AI.

Keep an eye on this dynamic team, as their shared vision has the potential to significantly impact how we conduct business.